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TYPO3 Outsourcing

Globally, we offer advertising and web agencies to our services. We are outsourcing partner to many agencies.

Our high-quality and prompt service are the guarantee for successful project implementation.

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Hotel Package

Via the newly developed T3-Projects hotel system are the hotels and guest house establishments the opportunity, your guests a perfect, to provide search engine optimized website. Moreover, the basic functions of the accessibility and greater security features.

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Pharmacy Package

You can get a new customer everyday and your products can sale for 24 hours. There are more and more people around the world access thourgh the shop because this is online shop and ontime for the customer.

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Web Development

For website solutions, we would like to offer you in TYPO3 CMS website and shop module integration. Our development based on requirement analysis that we can get from our expreiences. You can get the best website following fair price.

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T3-PROJECTS - The specialist for industry specific web solutions

In this world of competition it is not just good work, but efficient strategies to connect with the people that determine the success of the company. Websites are attractive and creative ways to let people know about your company. It is the most efficient way to enable companies reach out to a large audience across borders. If you want your company website to be versatile enough to capture the interest of the readers and also convey the essence of your business, you must have the right web solutions in place.

At T3-PROJECTS, Thailand, we understand the efficacies with which the web solutions help your businesses function. In order to meet our commitment to be versatile players in the market, we have developed expertise to provide industry specific web solutions. Our constant search for perfection has guided us to develop the right knowledge and skills to provide industry specific solutions. When it comes to web solutions, we are a specialist you can count on.

While many companies have standard templates which they use to create solutions for you, T3-PROJECTS start from scratch by identifying and understanding the key areas of the business. We use our experience to derive customized web solutions that can be an asset to the clients. All this is done with a quick turnaround time which has strengthened our bond with our existing clients encouraging us to reach out to many more clients with our services.

What advertising companies can do in the real world, SEO companies do online. To be identified as a brand, you must make the right impact on the audience. This is done by implementing SEO techniques while designing websites. Such techniques give the thrust required to keep your website among the top ranked ones. This will automatically help your company gain the momentum by raking in profits at a much faster pace. In other words, when it comes to business, visibility is of prime importance.

It is this aspect that has helped T3-PROJECTS design websites which are based on search engine optimization techniques. With the efficient use of SEO techniques, we ensure that you are among the top rated websites to provide you better visibility. This translates to better business opportunities and increased profits to your company. The source code that drives our solutions is absolutely error-free assuring you a smooth transition to the solutions we provide.

When we first started our company in Thailand, we entered the industry with an aim to be the best web development agency.  Our incessant commitment towards our goal has led us learn from each experience we have had with clients. As a web development company and an outsourcing partner, we have come across various business scenarios which demanded specific, well designed solutions. We have successfully catered to each requirement.

The constant appreciation that we receive form our clients has encouraged us to move with greater enthusiasm and confidence. There are many successful solutions that we come across and learn from. But our team considers the web solutions that have been declared as failures to be far more insightful. Each such solution that we come across has given us an opportunity to feel the pulse of the industry and design our solutions to be the best.

We have many products to our credit which are helping companies thrive in the market. While all of them are rated to be of a very high quality, the product that rated us to be a class apart is the Hotel System. It can be effortlessly used even by large hotel chains simplifying the day to day functioning. The clients have a chance to rejoice since they can use the system for room reservation online at all times of the day. The flawless design of this package has fetched us rave reviews and made us a strong contender among web development agencies.

Content Management System

Creating websites is just the tip of the iceberg. For websites to be effective, they must be well managed and constantly updated. The Content Management System (CMS) has gained popularity is this regard. CMS makes websites more manageable. You can quickly maneuver through the pages when you want to make any changes to the website at any point in time.

T3-PROJECTS use TYPO3 CMS while designing websites for you. TYPO3 is a well knows open source products which helps in designing flawless solutions. They fact that the CMS is from the opensource is proof enough for its quality. It is a product that is driven by the best brains in the field. T3-PROJECTS takes great pride in using such a reliable product as a base to design custom made solutions for our clients.

Since our product is designed with TYPO3, they are more flexible. The clients wanting to make changes to the pages can do so without fretting about the technicalities behind it since TYPO3 enables such an approach.

Apart from this, T3-PROJECTS value every client and make this fact evident through their efficient services. This has helped us garner support from existing clients and reinstated our confidence to add to clientele.